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What is Profanity?

  What is Profanity? The word has changed over the years.  I am referring to the use of this word in the Bible.  “Profane” is a verb that means to insult, disregard, disrespect, devalue something or someone.  So, it is the misuse of something special by our speech or action.  Esau was called a profane … Read moreWhat is Profanity?

Are you serious about Bible study?

  Are you serious about Bible study? The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.  (Proverbs 18:15) That is true for every part of life!  If so, why would you not seek knowledge in the most important part of your life?  You are created by God with purpose and a … Read moreAre you serious about Bible study?

Is the Church Necessary for Me?

  Is the Church Necessary for Me? In my limited exposure and experience I am seeing an increased interest in God and spiritual life. More people are reading the Bible and pursuing a life that involves more than just material things. Many of these are disappointed by Christian churches and are looking for personal fulfillment … Read moreIs the Church Necessary for Me?

You want to be a Pastor / Minister? Be a Disciple First!

  You want to be a Pastor / Minister? Be a Disciple First! The Lord’s apostles might be called the premier leaders in His church. They were hand-picked by Jesus, himself. God literally spoke His word through them. When they spoke it was God speaking. That miracle was then overwhelmingly confirmed by countless miracles of … Read moreYou want to be a Pastor / Minister? Be a Disciple First!

Learning the Lesson the Bible is Teaching

  Learning the Lesson the Bible Is Teaching Do you find yourself reading the Bible to find something you want? If I am reading God’s word in search of answers I want to hear, it is possible I will miss the point the Lord is making! In John 3:3-4, we read about the new birth … Read moreLearning the Lesson the Bible is Teaching

Will We Be In The Tribulation?

  Will We Be In The Tribulation? Bible history records many great tribulations. The word simply means a time of trouble, usually involving a large number of people on a wide scale. Sample tribulations include famine, war, disease and natural calamities like locust plague, earthquake, and flood. Further, there are many examples of tribulations in … Read moreWill We Be In The Tribulation?

We All Have Our Flaws

We all have our flaws… When I look at other people who seem to have it all together, I feel like a failure.  My short-comings loom large, ever-present in my vision.  But other people (church people?) seem so righteous, so fruitful and so strong.  The truth is we all have our faults.  Most of us try to hide them … Read moreWe All Have Our Flaws

Is Your Spiritual Life Self-Focused?

Is Your Spiritual Life Self-Focused? What is God doing for me?  Why doesn’t God fix this?!  I go to church but I don’t get anything out of it.  I have tried to serve the Lord, but things don’t work out right.  These are common questions, but dangerous ones.  We can see faith (if one had it at … Read moreIs Your Spiritual Life Self-Focused?