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What are Your Reasons for Faith? 


What are Your Reasons for Faith?
Why do you believe what you believe?  We can see from scripture that God does not expect people to believe without good reasons.
Jesus said:  “If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is not true.”  Jesus did not mean that He was lying.  He was saying that it is not enough for a person just to make a claim;  it needs to be substantiated – verified!  Jesus immediately lists reasons that people should believe Him.
  • Testimony of John — (v. 32-33)
  • Miracles — (v. 36)
  • The Father Himself — (v. 37-38)
  • Scriptures (prophecy) — (v. 39)
 Evidence is available!  There are many reasons to believe in the existence of God, that the Bible is His word and that Jesus is the Son of God.  Faith that is blind, opinion or wishful thinking is not true, sustaining faith.
  There are good reasons to believe!  Let me know if you want to hear why I believe.  Call or email — Don Bunting.