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Why Does God Allow Sin to be in this World?


Why Does God Allow Sin to be in this World?

I do not know of a specific statement in scripture that gives a reason. So, I cannot give you a definite answer. What the Bible does say may give us an indication of possibilities. Please understand, I must be careful not to presume too much. Of course, God can plan and do however and whatever He wishes because He is God and this is His creation.

In Genesis 1 it is clear that God wanted a being “in His image.” This creature, humanity, is thus described in contrast to and separate from all the rest of creation that is not in His image. Following chapters and books in the Bible make it very clear that God desired a being with whom He can enjoy fellowship and association. That is clearly indicated from the very beginning (Genesis 2-4).

Furthermore, God set things up so that humans must choose to be in God’s fellowship by knowing Him, loving Him, trusting Him and obeying Him. That started with the story of the first two humans, Adam and Eve. The entire Bible is about how much God wants this to be. God continues to call people to Himself throughout the Bible. God intends for people to want to be in His fellowship. All of the rest of creation does exactly what God designed it to do. No other creature sins. God’s world is designed with one creature possessing the ability to choose. In order for us to, truly, choose God, there must be an alternative that we reject. And so, sin is in the world because God wants us to choose Him. Sadly, for both God and ourselves, we choose something or someone else.

I believe God allows sin in order to have a people that chooses to love, trust and obey Him. May each of us choose God!  Let me know if you think I can help.