NYC Bible Teacher


All classes are taught by Don Bunting using the Bible as the study text.

The objective is to give people the tools to read and understand the Bible for themselves.

Students typically participate with questions and comments, reading from their own Bible.

When Don is lecturing in churches and lecture series, locally, students will be notified with opportunity to sit in these sessions as well.

NYC Bible Teacher students will never be charged any fees for or asked for any donations in any of the classes, including small group classes, one-on-one tutoring sessions or lecture series. 

Class List

See the current class opportunities Don is teaching. For topical suggestions or private studies, visit the contact page.

Meetup and Small Group

Advertised classes opened to the public. These meet weekly for four to eight weeks at the time and place indicated.

Private Tutoring

These classes are arranged by appointment as scheduling allows. The student may drop the class at any time.

Church Services

Local congregations where Don is scheduled for some preaching and teaching.

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