NYC Bible Teacher

Class List


The Christian at Work in this World

A look at what the Bible teaches about Christian behavior in work and the work place.  The series will deal with attitudes, commitments, priorities, honesty, diligence, and injustice.  We will study godly behavior in our secular work.



Introduction to Bible Study — Overview of the Bible

In this class we will do an overview / summary of all the books of the Bible.  We will consider how all of them fit together to tell on harmonious story of God’s plan.  Attention will be given to Bible history on a time-line.  A great introductory study!



Hosea — God and His Sinful People

In this class we will study the message of God to sinful Israel through the prophet Hosea.  God is opening his heart to his people so they will know how their sin hurts him … like an adulterous spouse.  Still, he is merciful.



Christian Living — A study in Ephesians

In this class we will work carefully through the text in Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus.  In his letter, Paul seeks to shape hearts and attitudes that will produce a good life before God.  He accomplishes this by reviewing what we receive in Christ.


Christ — The King, His Kingdom and His People — a study in Matthew

In this class we will read through the gospel of Matthew, slowly and carefully.  The reading will be in sections with comments and questions along the way.  Our focus will be on what the text says and reveals.  This will be a rich reading!