NYC Bible Teacher

Don Bunting

Don Bunting has been a full-time Bible teacher and preacher for over 30 years, the last 16 in NYC. He is now living in Union City, NJ and preaching and teaching in the newly formed Hudson Heights Church of Christ.  It is just through the Lincoln Tunnel.

You can study with Don in a variety of small group classes or one-on-one Bible tutoring sessions by appointment.


“I believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word, that it is entirely true, trustworthy and is God’s instruction and rule for all people.  Every religious / spiritual question that can be asked, must be answered by scripture. All scripture is God’s word and is effective, but it must be interpreted in its context and in harmony with the rest of the Bible.  That is the reason, I believe,  you should study the Bible.”


Don has experience from his work ministering in several churches, various youth camps, and mission work in foreign countries, lecturing and teaching classes of all sizes.

He has developed a method of teaching that helps people to read the Bible and think for themselves.


“I just wished I had started reading Genesis earlier.  It clarifies questions in so many areas, helping me to deal with the things and issues in my life.”


“Don is a great teacher, I admire his knowledge about the bible. I like how, he explains everything according to the word of God. I pray to learn more from him, I really appreciate our bible study together every Thursday night.”


“I am a Japanese, which means that I am an atheist. I wanted to have knowledge of Christianity as an academic subject because I thought I could understand more deeply the culture of the US and the way people think. So I sent an email to several churches to study the Bible. I got the only reply from Don.

At the first meeting, he said he was not going to force me to change my belief, and I could stop studying whenever I wanted. He has a wide variety of knowledge about the Bible and He tries to answer as many of my questions as possible.

Gradually, I have started to feel that I want to know not only the Bible itself but also how Don’s character was formed through the Bible. That is, my curiosity has been shifted into how religion makes people by looking at the way of Don’s living.

I still do not believe the existence of the God. However, I became to believe that life along with religion is valuable through studying the Bible with Don. I want to make it my life work to study the Bible with Don. ”

-Jin Iwasawa

“Don is very knowledgeable about the Bible. His organized studies are the “perfect mix” of informational, relevant, personal, and professional.  I have always felt at ease and extremely comfortable. I’m thankful that he has continued to be a valuable resource to me for the big and small questions I still have!”

-Megan D.

“Don is an effective Bible teacher for anyone who wants to learn what’s in the scriptures and how to apply Bible principles in their lives.

He taught me how to us study aids like concordance and Vine’s (Expository Dictionary) The maps he uses in our one on one studies make the stories more real and interesting.  He always encourages  spiritual growth and Christian brotherly love.  I appreciate his willingness to make time for anyone who is in need.”

-Artesia R.

“I am learning a lot and understanding God’s word more with Don’s way of teaching.  He teaches God’s word and explain it without going out of context.  I always appreciate him because of his down to earth personality and his love for God and serving others.”


I was 38 yrs of age when I was invited to see the Passion of the Christ and ended up questioning his validity.  It was then that a co-worker gave me a news paper advertisement for bible classes at the Upper West Manhattan Church of Christ. It was there that I met a kind teacher by the name of Mr. Don Bunting and I have never looked back. He has been instrumental in my studies of the scriptures always encouraging me to follow my heart where Christ is concerned and I have never regretted it.

 He is a dedicated servant of the word, a man in love with God, his family and his church. He has tirelessly preached the gospel truth never adding or subtracting from God’s message. I consider myself fortunate to have  such an awesome preacher as my personal teacher in a sea of teachers who are leading so many soul’s away from the truth. The truth that is so pertinent to everyone’s soul salvation because there is a way to be that is pleasing to God and only one way to interpret the scriptures. I will then tell everyone  to seek the Lord while he can still be found for we are here today but tomorrow is promised to no one.  If your confused and in need of a true bible teacher then Don Bunting is the person to seek. In Christian love

-Hilda Rizvi

I have known Don for over for 15 years when I first became a Christian. I fondly remember spending a few hours with him each week studying the Bible, alongside its history and geography. Don encouraged me to read and understand the text myself, thus ensuring that I learned Biblical truths rather than human opinions. This approach also built up my confidence in self-directed Bible study. Don continues to be a strong influence in my life as a mentor, friend, and dear brother in Christ.


Don is a patient, calm and articulate teacher. I’ve been studying with him for the past 3 years and I learned a lot. He’s knowledgeable throughout the Old and New Testament and always ready to answer questions.


I learned a lot from Don’s bible studies. As a new believer in Christ I needed to learn a lot and I still do. He is very knowledgeable, on point and always ready to answer questions. 


As I study with Don, my understanding of the Bible and how it applies to my life continues to evolve and deepen.  I credit this to Don’s patient and forthright teaching style and his sound biblical interpretation.  In a relaxed one on one setting we honestly discuss life and God’s plan for us.